While the latest James Bond flick 'Skyfall' inches closer to its November 9 release date, we've only just received word that one of its co-writers John Logan will be returning to pen the script for the next movie in the franchise. Though the storyline for 'Bond 24,' planned for a late 2014 release, is under wraps, we've just learned another piece of information that reportedly links the next two James Bond movies together.

Daniel Craig will definitely portray James Bond for at least two more movies, 'Bond 24' and 'Bond 25,' so states his latest contract. It was learned earlier today that John Logan, who co-wrote the 'Skyfall' script with Robert Wade and Neal Purvis, will be returning to write 'Bond 24' and has reportedly already worked on a script. But it turns out that there's a little bit more to the story.

According to Deadline, Logan has silently made a deal to write the script for 'Bond 25,' currently the last film in which Daniel Craig is obligated to star. Logan pitched an original two-movie plot line to James Bond movie producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson during work on 'Skyfall,' hinting that these two films could film back to back.

Depending on if Logan's script gets the thumbs up, 'Bond 24' and 'Bond 25' will be the first two films in the 007 franchise to incorporate a multiple-movie storyline. But if that becomes the case, that would make Daniel Craig's exit from the Bond franchise more likely to come upon the end of his contract. A duel-movie plot line sure would make a nice ending, no? What do you think? Are you excited to hear this news? Sound off in the comments!