Skowhegan Police are looking for the person(s) responsible for stealing 120 whoopie pies over the weekend.

Officials say a Lions' Club booth at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds was vandalized Saturday night or early Sunday morning. A box of frozen whoopie pies, containing about 120 of the confections, was stolen. Plastic silverware and gloves were scattered on the floor, a refrigerator of cookies was emptied, and a half-gallon of iced tea was drunk. Altogether, damage was estimated at about $1,000.

The Lions Club hosted a community event on Thursday for about 1,200 people. When club members checked the inventory on Friday, the booth was spotless, so police figure the break-in happened over the weekend.

John Youney, Director of the Lions Club, told the Morning Sentinel that if the culprit(s) come forward and confess, they can work off the damages by helping with the organization's volunteer work. He says helping out with the cause could help them understand that the organization works to benefit others.

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