Twice recently on social media, I have seen crazy stories of people trying to do the dumbest things, to get out of something. A drug dealer in Brazil tried to impersonate his daughter to escape from jail. Yes... of course he was caught. Recently a woman also tried to impersonate her own daughter to try and have a charge put on her instead of herself. Also caught immediately.

Now, just up the road a piece in Fort Kent, a man was late on his rent, and when the landlord came to collect, he pretended to be unconscious. Naturally, the landlord called police when he found his tenant unresponsive on the floor. But by the time help arrived, he was magically cured, and completely alert, says the BDN.

Even worse for the guy, it turns out he had a warrant for failure to appear for another, unrelated charge. He should've just faced the music with his landlord and made up some dumb excuse. Here he goes, trying to set the stage for a dramatic scene, that simply backfired.

I'm not saying anyone should be a liar, but I do know that creating over the top scenarios that seem ridiculously far fetched, will bit you in the backside every time. Needless to say, Ted Zarins was taken to jail that day. Probably for the warrants and stuff, but maybe it should have been because he's a terrible liar.

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