Through the encouragement of pal Brad PaisleySheryl Crow crossed over to country music, which welcomed her with open arms. But even in 2013, it's a genre that's largely dominated by males, and Crow is hoping for a change to that pattern -- along with many other country gals. 

The 'Easy' singer spoke with Broadway’s Electric Barnyard about the current debate. In September of 1999, six of the Top 10 country artists were female. But right now, the country music charts couldn't be more male-dominated, with every slot taken up by a (talented) male artist.

"I do think that in the last ten, fifteen years art has gone the way of commerce,” Crow admits. “Whenever there’s money involved, then you figure out what’s going to bring in sponsors, and what’s going to resonate with people and what’s going to sell records.”

Although that may be what's happening right now, Crow has hope for the future. "I'd love to see that change," she shares.

She, along with probably every other female singer (and even male superstars such as Luke Bryan), want to see more women atop the charts.

Carrie Underwood also recently spoke up about this hot topic, stating that she believes women have a long way to go in country music to catch up to men. But she, like Crow, has hope that it will happen.

Hopefully this increasing knowledge will spur more talented female artists to embrace their talent -- and eventually equal out the charts once again. It may not be 'easy,' but it will certainly be worth the fight.

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