Husband and wife duo Thompson Square pulled up a couch and talked to Taste of Country in the VIP Country Club at Country Jam 2015, where they revealed their recent adventures.

ToC’s Billy Dukes asked the couple about other common interests besides music, to which Keifer responded that even when they don’t share the interest, they still share them, because they’re always together.

One recently-developed shared interest is a love of motorcycles.

“It’s so funny, Keifer bought a motorcycle thinkin’ he was gonna get away from me, and it turns out I like motorcycles, too,” Shawna explains with a laugh.

“We got her one now,” Keifer clarifies, interjecting.

Shawna even took motorcycle lessons to learn how to handle the new ride. “I’m not very good," she admits. "I've been on the bike maybe three times, and I’ve dropped it twice."

The duo went on to answer a fan-submitted question about whether or not they always knew they would be in the music industry one day.

“I dreamed of being a singer since I was probably 9 or 10,” Keifer explains, “But everything seems so unattainable — that’s why they call it a dream, it’s not tangible. So I’ve always wanted to be in it, but I never thought I’d be here today."

Thompson Square released their first single from their upcoming third album, "Trans Am," in April, but the album details have not yet been released. The song has an edgier, more rock-infused feel, which the band says will be more present in their new record.

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