As a parent, there are few greater bonding experiences than giving your child a piggyback ride. But imagine if your child was so strong that he could give you a ride on his back. Sorta changes the dynamic, doesn't it?

Seven-year-old Yang Jinlong, who lives in the Anhui province of China, is reportedly so powerful that he can heft 200-pound bags of cement, pull cars and carry his father on his back. Incredibly, he already weighs more than 110 pounds and is still growing.

According to his family, the young strongman has a voracious appetite and eats three bowls of rice or noodles at each meal. And, they say, he first showed his strength at the age of nine-months-old when he lifted an oil drum weighing 11 pounds.

Not surprisingly, Yang said he aspires to be an Olympic weightlifter when he grows up. We're no experts, but he already seems well on his way.