Q-106.5 wants to help you get out of the house, and into the great Maine outdoors!

Actually, this might be the most fun you have all summer. It'll definitely be the coolest, most relaxing day.

It's time for some day trippin'! A "stay-cation" that's also a "safe-cation" but it's no "lame-cation." Oh, and you might get wet. You gotta love that!

You'll take a relaxing tubing trip down the Penobscot River. Drift down the beautiful Katahdin Wilderness with spectacular scenery and outstanding views of Mount Katahdin. Your party is for 10 people. You'll love it so much, you'll want to do it a second time. And you can!

The Q-106.5 Tubing Party on the Penobscot is from Penobscot River Tubing.

Here's how to win:

You'll need the Q106.5 APP to enter. Get that here. 

Then, open the app and click on the Tubing Party button. (See it there right at the point of the big "Q blue" arrow?)

Tap the "Tubing Party" button to enter.
Tap the "Tubing Party" button to enter.

Then, just record a shout out to your favorite country station! We'd love to hear them, and we might play some over the mighty Q-106.5 airwaves! Say what you like. "Q-106.5. Best Summer Ever" or "Q-106.5 is My Station" or "I Love Q-106.5!" Whatever you want!

We'll give you a chance to enter each day, July 6-10. You can send us a new message each day if you want. (Don't worry, we'll send an app alert each day to remind you.)

Start thinking who'd you invite to your tubing party on the Penobscot River, and get ready for some summer time fun with Penobscot River Tubing and Q106.5.

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Here's a link to our general contest rules.

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