Apparently human music isn't good enough for cats. Scientists published a study earlier this month claiming cats show no interest in human music but when the specially composed cat music began playing the test felines became attracted to the speakers and even rubbed up against them showing approval.

Groups from Universities of Wisconsin and Maryland have composed MOGnificent music especially for felines. The motivation behind the study was for two reasons. A lot of cat owners, or pet owners in general, leave music on in their homes when they are out to soothe or keep the animal feeling comfortable. Cats also hear in different tones and frequencies than humans. The scientists concluded that it would be beneficial to find something that worked for cats that could possibly be used to keep cats calm in places like shelters or when they are away from home.

To make the music the research teams used sounds that would mimic a cat like purrs and high pitched sounds. They also tried to find a tempo that was pleasing to the furling's ears similar to the patterns of sounds animals use to communicate.

The "meow-sic" is an octave above humans so it is not something I would jam out to myself but it is not something I couldn't tolerate for my fur-babies. It reminds me of the music used to meditate only with occasional purring sounds.

When I tested the music on my cats they did see to notice it more than anything else I play, but they were soon distracted as cats usually are. I would like to try the music when I am not home to see if my cats seem more relaxed when I get home.

You and your cat can listen to the cat music here.


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