Actor Patrick Dempsey says scam artists are impersonating him and his social media accounts, asking for money they claim is going to his Lewiston cancer center.

The man who will always carry the 'McDreamy' nickname, from his days on 'Grey's Anatomy' is dealing with a McNightmare as someone is trying to use his good name and reputation to scam people out of money. Dempsey said, in a post on Twitter, that his official profile has a blue circle with a check mark so, any page that doesn't include that moniker is a fake.

Anyone contacted on social media by what they believe to be a phony Patrick Dempsey or Dempsey Center account should report it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. And, by all means, don't give them any money or personal/financial information.

Each year, folks take part in the Dempsey Challenge, which is a two-day, non-competitive walking, running, and/or cycling fundraiser that benefits a quality-of-life center in Lewiston. The Dempsey Center was started in honor of Patrick's mother, who died of ovarian cancer in 2014.

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