Saturday night get ready for the appearance of something that might put a smile on your face.

The crescent moon, Jupiter and Venus will be aligning in a position in the sky that will look to form a smiley face.

According to, It is a rare occurrence that is actually called a conjunction, when one an object passes in front of another depending on where you are observing this action happening.

What makes Saturday's event even more special is seeing Jupiter so close to the moon.

What you will be seeing is Jupiter and Venus above the moon.  Jupiter and Venus will appear as two eyes and the crescent moon will appear as a big, smiling mouth.

The last time Venus passed in front of Jupiter was in 1818.  Don't miss this one because the next time we can witness this will be 2065.

Everybody needs something to smile about right now so, grab your phone, take a video or a picture and share it on social media for everybody to enjoy come Saturday evening.

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