Sarah Darling will release a new album on Friday (Feb. 10), but she's letting The Boot's readers hear one of its songs early. Click play below to get a listen to "Where Cowboys Ride."

Written by Darling and Zach Runquist, "Where Cowboys Ride" is, the singer tells The Boot, "my love letter to Wyoming." Darling is a native of Des Moines, Iowa, but the Cowboy State captured her heart during her travels.

"Music has taken me to so many wonderful places in my life, but from the moment I laid eyes on Wyoming, I saw a real-life painting of unimaginable beauty," Darling says. "This song captures the essence of just how beautiful it is. From the golden fields to the sky full of a million stars, I hope you go there in your mind.”

Darling first made a name for herself in 2003, as a Top 3 finalist on E!'s The Entertainer. She followed her stint on the reality show with two albums, Every Monday Morning and Something to Do With Your Hands. Her forthcoming new album, Dream Country, is the follow-up project to 2012's Home to Me EP; it's her first release since parting ways with her longtime record label, and was put together 100-percent independently.

"It has made me quite attached to the songs and the experiences I had in the studio,” Darling notes. "It was pure magic."

Dream Country is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Listen to Sarah Darling's "Where Cowboys Ride"

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