We're all very excited for the line-up of music at Saturday's 'Blues, Brews, & BBQ' on the Bangor Waterfront. This morning,  I had the chance to interview one of the members of 'Poke Chop and the Other White Meat,' and the first question had to be the origin of the name!

I enjoyed chatting with Ron Gill about his interest in the Blues. In addition to playing in the band, and being a member of the Maine Blues Society, he's also involved with a program called 'Blues in the Schools.' It's a music education that works to try and keep the passion for the blues alive in the younger generations.

The first question, however, had to be the story behind the band's name, 'Poke Chop and the Other White Meats.' I was prepared for something off-color, or a refusal to share the reason. Instead, Ron told me a story I hadn't expected. Listen in to his explanation!