A Rockport man accused of killing four people in Massachusetts has been deemed fit to stand trial.

Orion Krause is being held in Massachusetts for the deaths of his mother, grandparents, and his grandparents' caregiver. Police say all the victims were beaten to death with a baseball bat last month at his grandparents' home in Groton. Krause had traveled to the Boston area and then called his mother to pick him up and bring him home. On the trip back, the pair made a detour to visit his mother's parents and that's when the killings took place.

According to WVII-TV, court documents reveal that Krause confessed to the crimes to police on the scene. He also allegedly told a nurse he was a heroin user, although there was no indication that he had taken the drug at the time of the murders. Krause showed up at a neighbor's house after the murders, naked and covered in mud and blood, and told the man he'd killed four people. He pointed out his grandparents' house when asked by police where the victims were located, and then began to sing to himself. Police say he told them he'd 'freed' the people who died.

The 22-year-old grew up in Rockport, Maine and is considered a gifted musician. His case will now go before a grand jury to determine whether he will be charged with murder.

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