Rockland Police have issued a warning about some potentially dangerous drugs being sold on the streets, that contain suspected fentanyl.

The 'pressed pills' appear to be prescription pills, like oxycodone. However, Rockland Police say they actually contain the more potent, and often deadly, synthetic opioid fentanyl. So when a person takes their usual amount of pills to get high, they're actually taking a much higher dosage that could result in an overdose. Police say these pressed pills have been linked to at least one overdose in Rockland, during which officers were able to revive the individual with Naloxone, saving the person's life.

According to police, the drugs are not new, but do seem to be much more prevalent lately. A recent report from the Maine Attorney General's Office and the Chief Medical Examiner shows that 336 of the 504 overdose deaths in 2020 were attributed to non-pharmaceutical fentanyl. As of April of this year, an estimated 48 people have died of drug overdoses, with fentanyl listed as the cause of 76% of them.

Maine has launched a new alert system, in which people can receive warnings of potentially dangerous drugs via text message, when there are 2 or more overdoses in their area. To sign up, text SPIKE to 1-855-963-5669 and follow the prompts.

Anyone dealing with substance use disorder or addiction to opioids is reminded that help is available. In Rockland, you can reach out to the Coastal Recovery Community Center or the Rockland Peer Support Center. If you live outside of Rockland, you can find a support center near you by calling 211 or logging onto the state of Maine website.

If you or someone you know is actively overdosing, call 911 immediately. Don't wait because every second counts.

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