Midnight tonight, the rates go up for Color Bangor, the fun run/walk coming up next month to benefit the American Folk Festival. So get signed up today!

This is the 4th Color Bangor event, that features a 5K fun run/walk through the waterfront area on Saturday, May 13th. Participants are given a white t-shirt at the start of the race, and then non-toxic colored cornstarch is thrown onto the shirts throughout the route. By the time they're done, those shirts are rainbow colored! Participants are encouraged to wear sunglasses, just to make sure none of that dust gets into their eyes.

I'll be there again this year, taking part in one of the popular events in Color Village after the race. Volunteers, including members of the Bangor Police Department, will stand in one spot while participants throw as much color on them as possible. I end up with so much color on me that my dog doesn't know me when I go home!

Don't miss this year's Color Bangor, which benefits the American Folk Festival. It's a whole lot of fun, and helps support an amazing weekend-long celebration of music and culture on the Bangor Waterfront. Organizers can offer the American Folk Festival for free partly through this fundraiser. Get more information and register today at the AFF website!

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