RaeLynn has announced a new single from her debut album, WildHorse. Readers can press play below to listen to "Lonely Call."

On Thursday (June 1), RaeLynn announced on Instagram that "Lonely Call" would be her next single. An echoing reflection, the song tells the story of a girl who has gone from a place of importance in a relationship to an afterthought. In her relatable style, RaeLynn captures the struggle that comes with not settling for less than you should, and the will power that it sometimes takes to make that choice.

"It's been three weeks and two days / And twelve hours, but who's counting? / Ten thousand tears, feels like a year / Looking for some peace, and I found it," RaeLynn sings in the second verse of "Lonely Call." The chorus continues, "I used to be your 6AM / 'Hey, good morning / Beautiful, how you been?' / I used to be a 'We just landed / Miss you, can't stand it / See you this weekend' / Now I'm just a midnight number, familiar voice / When you start to wonder if you made the wrong choice ..."

"Lonely Call" follows "Love Triangle" as RaeLynn's second single from WildHorse. That song became a Top 30 hit for the singer, a former contestant on The Voice.

Listen to RaeLynn's "Lonely Call"

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