This year, more than any other we need your help spreading good vibes. We'd like YOU to record a quick greeting that we can air on Q106.5 as we approach Christmas.

Q106.5 needs your help in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. It all starts with the Q106.5 app.

Find a quiet place in your home, alone with your phone, and tap on the "Xmas Shout-out" button on the app. See the red arrow? That's where you'll find it!


Then, simply say "Hi! I'm (insert name here) listening to Q106.5 in (insert home town here). Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. 2020 Please Go Away. Hi Santa..." Whatever you'd like to say, say it.

And we'll play YOU back starting very soon on Q106.5!

Put down your beer, and help us spread the cheer. Tis the season to be rhymin', if only my name were Simon  Ho, Ho, Ho.

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While you're at it, show us your lights! You could win $250. Here are more details about Light Up Your Town.

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