We can all not agree on something, and totally get along. Monday is Pepperoni Pizza Day, and when I read it yesterday afternoon, I popped onto the Q106.5 Facebook page and asked Where to go. And no fights broke out. And we got dozens and dozens of suggestions. Even an invite from Omaha, Nebraska. Long way to go for a slice, but who knows. I am not ruling it out..

I loved reading "Absolutely the best pizza around!" and "hands down" as a statement when talking about their favorite slice place.

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Take a peep at where people suggested for me. And thank you, I usually don't get pepperoni on my pizza but today, I will.  Lunch.  Dinner.  Back to the salad tomorrow. It's Pepperoni Pizza Day coming up a few days, and I'm on it early.

You Are Going To Want Pizza

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