Gifford, our new puppy, was named for ice cream because of his coat, but it turns out he really loves the stuff!

Our little guy is growing like a weed, getting longer and taller seemingly by the day. And he has an incredibly hearty appetite that never seems to be fully satisfied. In other words, whatever we're eating, he wants. And he's not shy about letting us know.

We named him Gifford because he reminds us of a sundae. Vanilla ice cream on the bottom, with butterscotch topping, and hot fudge running down his face. He even has a few chocolate chips on his cheeks! So it seemed appropriate that his first taste of ice cream should come from Gifford's, his namesake.

I snapped a few pictures of his reaction and, I have to say, they're pretty cute. He loved it! So much, in fact, that he was desperately looking around the house for more. I guess Jim picked the perfect name!