An easy way you can support The Q106.5 Egg Ride for The Pine Tree Camp is by purchasing cardboard eggs for sale now. They have different values to them, beginning with $1. Once you purchase the cardboard egg, and put your name on it, it'll be hung on the wall or window where you bought it for all to see. In a few weeks from now, it's pretty to see all those cardboard, different colors, on the wall or windows. Thanks in advance.

Cardboard eggs are for sale now at A.E. Robinson locations through out the region,  Bear's One Stop in Newport, Danforth's Downhome Supermarket in Hermon, both Dysart's restaurants and all eight Dysart's travel stops, and at Indian Hill Trading Post in Greenville.

All proceeds from every cardboard egg sold goes to The Q106.5 Egg Ride to benefit The Pine Tree Camp. COVID-19 may have cancelled the ride this year, but we're still raising as much money as we can to send children and adults with disabilities to Pine Tree Camp, regardless of their ability to pay.

Here's how to make a credit card donation before February 6.

Thank you in advance. Here's hoping for a good fundraising year to make you feel good in spite of all that's going on in our world.

Pine Tree Camp
Pine Tree Camp

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