No, we don't normally drool this bad.

Hey, why bother to even wipe the drool off your face, because you're only going to get messier. The savory and smoky smell of ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork, and sausage is one of those intoxicating aromas that hungry people can pick up on from miles away, and they come running.

Hey, feel free to talk about the science as to why the human element is enticed by the smell of ribs cooking over an open fire, or why a man can be reduced to a salivating fool within moments of viewing a BBQ beef brisket.  All we know is that it's all very delicious and we can't wait to belly up to a plate to partake.

Scott Madore/UnSplash
Scott Madore/UnSplash

You may have become familiar with our food polls as we've had a bunch of them lately, and many of our online readers and on-air listeners right here in eastern Maine have cast their votes by the thousands. We've covered hamburgerspizzaChinese foodsteakhousesItalian sandwichesbreakfast, and ice cream stands.

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Apparently, we're not done yet.

So, strap on the bib, because it's time to tell us where your favorite barbeque food is located.  Pick a couple of the restaurants or food trucks that we've discovered via Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google, or by asking that guy who never goes to the salad bar.

If we've missed your favorite then please write it in! Whether it be at a restaurant or in a food truck, we want to know so take our poll.

But please, dig out a wet towelette and clean yourself up a bit before you grab the mouse or the phone to do so.

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The Best Restaurants in Downeast Maine for Lobster

So when your hungry out-of-state relatives or friends come to our great state, where do you take them for a mouth-watering lobster dinner?

The answer to that often asked question will be top of mind for a lot of Mainers this season, as thousands of tourists, relatives, and friends drive hundreds if not thousands of miles to take in the sights and eat what our state is most famous for, lobster.

Whether it's a lobster salad, in a hot dog roll, a broiled tail, thrown into a pot of boiling sea water, or god forbid, made into a lobster poutine, people near and far crave it, and as soon as they make it into this neck of the woods it'll be what they have for dinner that night.

While each of us already have a few favorite snack bars, take-outs, and restaurants in mind, it would be wrong of this author to pass along those personal suggestions. So, we're going to rely on the reviews of TripAdvisor to point our visitors in the right directions. We've focused on the Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island area, and here is what we found as we count our way up to the #1 most recommended place for lobster Downeast.

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