Skowhegan Police are warning residents that flyers advertising a Tanya Tucker concert are a scam.

The flyers are very professional looking, even listing two local businesses as sponsors for the event that's supposed to be taking place on August 31st at the Augusta Civic Center. But police contacted the folks at Hights Ford, one of the listed 'sponsors,' and they said they don't know anything about any concert. Skowhegan Police are now hoping to talk to an individual who calls himself 'George Hand' and lists himself as the promoter of the event.

Tanya Tucker's website doesn't say anything about a concert in Maine and there's no listing for this event on the Augusta Civic Center's website. It's a scam and residents are encouraged not to deal with anyone named George Hand, in relation to this event. Don't buy tickets, because there is no concert And businesses are cautioned not to buy advertising in connection with the non-existent event.

Skowhegan's Chief of Police sent a message to the man in question, stating that "if George would like to swing by the Police Department and fill me in on the information, that would be wonderful."

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