Emera Maine crews will be working in Bar Harbor next week, which may leave some in the dark for a couple hours.

Bar Harbor residents should be ready for a planned outage next week. Crews will be performing maintenance to the electrical system affecting customers at 45-118 Main St., 5-15 Stephens Lane, 15-35 Cottage St., and 16-22 Albert Meadow. Work begins Thursday Nov. 7 at 4AM.

After that work is completed another project will begin at 6AM, affecting customers at 4-51 Rodick St., 67-119 Main St., 27-34 Kennebec St., 34-36 Kennebec Place, 2-46 Cottage St., 2-9B Everard Court, 2-8 Access Alley and 37 Firefly Lane.

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