Pistol Annies are preparing to release a new album titled Interstate Gospel on Nov. 2, and they're letting fans hear three of the new songs in advance, including the title track.

The cover and release date for the third album from the trio of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angeleena Presley leaked online on Wednesday (Sept. 26), and now Pistol Annies are offering three new songs via YouTube: The title song, "Interstate Gospel," "Best Years of My Life" and "Got My Name Changed Back."

"Interstate Gospel" (below) is an up-tempo road anthem in which the women sing, "These church towns, they light up these roads that I roam / They're leadin' me closer, they're callin' me home / The further I get, the further I go / This interstate gospel is savin' my soul." Hear that song by clicking above.

"Best Years of My Life" is a sad acoustic lament about how the best-laid plans often go awry.

"I was looking forward to / Staying here forever 'cause you asked me to / Didn't think that I could do better / So I settled down in this ten-cent town / It's about to break me," they sing in the chorus, following up with, "I'm gonna mix a drink and try to drown this worthlessness / Call Mom and tell her I'm all right / He don't love me, but he ain't gone yet / These are the best years of my life."

Listen to "Best Years of My Life" below.

The song that's likely to cause the most speculation among fans is "Got My Name Changed Back," in which Lambert appears to make several references to her divorce from Blake Shelton.

"Well I've got me an ex that I adored / but he got along good with a couple rogue whores / I got my names changed back / I don't want to be a Mrs. on paper no more / I got my name changed back," she sings in the chorus, with the other Annies chiming in by chanting, "Yeah, yeah!" after each line.

Click on the track below to hear "Got My Name Changed Back."

The trio have been teasing fans with promises of a new Pistol Annies album for months. Lambert tells Time magazine that they each have more life experience to bring to the process, resulting in a more mature effort than the two previous Pistol Annies outings.

"I think it's the best writing we’ve ever done," she states. "We’ve lived a lot of life since our last record. I think it’s three girls telling our story very bravely."

Listen to Pistol Annies' "Interstate Gospel"

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