The photo of a Cumberland Police Sergeant cooking dinner for an elderly man he'd stopped by to check on has gone viral.

Sergeant Thomas Burgess was making a routine check on an elderly man when he noticed that the man was running low on food. He questioned the man, who said he hadn't eaten all day. So Sgt. Burgess went to a local food pantry, got the man some food, and then cooked him a meal. It was a photo of Burgess at the stove that's gone viral, popping up in newspapers as far away as Miami.

But his generosity to the elderly man didn't end there. The BDN reports Burgess also cleaned out his refrigerator, washed his dishes, took out the trash, and even did some laundry! He also spoke with some community organizations and the man's family to ensure that he doesn't get that low on food again.

Sergeant Burgess was thanked on the department's Facebook page for making the 'community a better place to live.' We'll add our thanks to him for demonstrating to the nation how Mainers take care of each other!

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