Pay it forward is a great concept.  It’s like Christmas.  And they say it is better to give than receive.  And with Pay It Forward both are true.

Pay it Forward day across America is tomorrow. Actually world wide.

When did this begin? In the last few years, right?  Wrong.  According to Wikipedia, in ancient Greece, 317 BC there was a play, a Greek Tragedy maybe, called Dyskolos, a title which can be translated as “The Grouch” and the concept of paying forward was used as a key plot element. In the 1916 book “In The Garden of Delight”, on the topic of re-paying love comes the quote “You don’t play love back, you pay it forward”

Most common places for Pay it Forward, outside of a family member picking up the dinner check at a restaurant, has to be at a drive thru, like Starbuck’s or Dunkin.  It has happened to me there a couple of times, and my thoughts of karma forbid me from not participating when my order has been already paid for.

If you believe that acts of kindness can change the world for the better, tomorrow is the day to participate.  Every day would be the day to participate, but the casual pay it forward people are uniting tomorrow for kindness and togetherness with Pay it Forward.

The power of giving. And the power of receiving. Both put a smile on your face and everyone else’s and we’ve done our part.  However you participate.

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