Yes, Patriots fans are still upset about 'Deflategate' and the four-game suspension handed out to Tom Brady with no solid evidence. Even after the epic comeback and win at Super Bowl 51, some fans just can't or won't let it go. And that's not a bad thing.

Last week we learned that Roger Goodell was upset and sad that Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia sported a tee shirt with Goodell's face wearing a clown nose. That was five months ago by the way.

Recently a Patriots fan was on vacation here in Maine and stumbled on Goodell's 6.5 million dollar summer home in Scarborough near Black Point Inn. Goodell's mansion in Scarborough is no secret, and has been the target of quite a few harmless practical jokes. Like the guy who nailed deflated footballs to a telephone pole near the mansion after the Patriots won Super Bowl 51.

Or like the time New England Aerial Advertising flew this banner over his summer home.

The most recent showing of displeasure for Goodell comes to us via The fan who found Goodell's summer home couldn't pass without waving the 'ol one finger salute and becoming my new hero..

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