It will be a very busy day on Main Street in Bangor today as police officers from across the country arrive for the funeral of Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Eugene Cole.

Anyone who doesn't need to be in the area around the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor today, or who can navigate around it for their commute, will want to do so, as it's expected that thousands of law enforcement officers will be in attendance, as well as Maine residents. Buck Street and Main Street will see road closures both before and after the funeral, that's scheduled for noon.

Parking for attendees will be in the Bass Park lots, except for the lot immediately next to the Cross Insurance Center. That lot will be used for a graveside service. Media parking will be across Buck Street, next to the Old Bangor Daily News building.

Maine Dept of Public Safety
Maine Dept of Public Safety

Entrance into the Cross Insurance Center today will be through the Southwest Entrance. The Southeast Entrance will be closed to the public. The Box Office will also be closed today. Everyone attending the funeral will have to walk through metal detectors, so all non-essentials should be left in your vehicle. No weapons will be allowed in the venue.

Folks traveling in the Main Street area today, both before and after the 12:00 funeral service, should expect increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Use caution and be prepared for multiple stops. Find more information on the Cross Insurance Center website.

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