With the weather we are coming through, the mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain, plus the cold temperatures, it is easy to set aside our optimistic nature and feel like hovering inside closed doors.

But to flip the coin, the long-range weather forecast has the potential for our temperatures here, to be not only into the 70s next week, but also a chance at 80, or certainly near 80.

Okay. Time to think spring and think outside.

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And to assist our moods, the traditions of spring are unfolding, or are about to.

Nothing like Maine in the summertime, and eating outside. We are almost there.

Afternoon drives and stopping at a roadside stand wherever you end up for lunch or supper.

Close-up of a lobster roll

To prove it won’t be much longer, Carrier’s Mainely Lobster has announced its ‘opening day’ for this year. And it’s this Monday.

Carrier’s Mainely Lobster is in Bucksport at Route 46 and US 1/Route 15.

Last year they re-did the exterior seating area expanding it and enlarging the under roof area with numerous tables.

And they have a comfortable air-conditioned inside seating area too. They open Monday at 11 am.

And there are others opening too, if not now, very soon.

What is your favorite area summer dining spot?

Give your faves a plug in the comment section below. And if you know when they open for the season, do let us know.

Nothing like summer in Maine and nothing like eating on a picnic table in the middle of nowhere.

Photo by Jennifer R. on Unsplash
Photo by Jennifer R. on Unsplash

And away we go. Can't wait.

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