First a personal message for Old Dominion lead singer and rhythm guitarist Matthew Ramsey.

Wear this hat. Show us you love Maine.

Old Dominion via YouTube
Old Dominion via YouTube

And Mainers are glad you are back at it and recovered from your ATV accident earlier this year.

Old Dominion comes to Bangor and the Cross Insurance Center Friday, July 28, on the No Bad Vibes Tour.

Yes they were the 2023 ACM Award winners for the 'Group of the Year.'

They have won the same award for years and years.

Old Dominion has had dozens of big hits that you know every word of the song. And they are so happy to be back out on the road and bringing the good time to Bangor.

Q106.5 has numerous chances for you to win tickets. Figure out who you want to invite to go with you to the concert because we have 4 packs of tickets to give away to the show, everyday.

You need the Q106.5 APP to enter to win, and you need the contest code words we are giving out daily on Q106.5. When you hear a code, here is where you enter it.

Want a clue that will work for today only (Friday the 21st). The first code word is Bonus. Enter Bonus now for your chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to the show next Friday the 28th.

Think about your favorite Old Dominion song they'll play at the concert.

And if you are staying in town overnight that night, don't forget your Hotel Key. You'll be on Memory Lane, all night long. That fact is Written In The Sand. No Hard Feelings if you don't win your tickets, but it is worth trying, right? Even if you were On A Boat That Day. Okay, I'm done. Snapback. 

Old Dominion Song for Another Time video
Getty Images for Windy City Smok

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