Enjoy your last few sunlit rides home from work. This weekend, it's time to set the stupid clocks back again. It really is just rubbish. Well okay, it will be light when I get out of bed again, so there's that. But now it's also gonna be dark at like 4:45p.m. I can hardly contain my excitement.

And no matter how much I prepare for it in my mind, it always feels like such a shock to my system that first night I go to leave work, and it is 100% dark out. It feels like a coming apocalypse. Which isn't entirely untrue, because of winter. Every flake feels like an apocalypse to me.

There are a couple good points. You do get to convince yourself you got an extra hour of sleep. Or you could also look at it as you got an extra hour in your day. At any rate, you're just playing games with yourself. The whole concept is stupid anyway.

Every year the state government acts like it's going to do something about Daylight Saving Time, but they never do. And probably never will. there's bigger fish to fry. Although honestly, who's it benefiting? Anyone? No one even gets rich off it. And that's why nothing will ever really done about it. There's no money in it.

So enjoy your extra hour of sleep, or extra hour in your day. Either way, you're getting shorted an hour of light. It's just proof that the whole concept is outdated and crazy. But like third cousins.... we're stuck twice a year whether we like it or not.

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