"It was last Saturday. April 3rd. I was wondering what my husband was looking at because from inside the truck I couldn't see it at first."

This past weekend, Karen Goodell and her husband popped into Ollie's Market in Levant to get some gas, when something unusual happened...

"I didn't get the first part on video but the deer walked out from the side of the store and across the parking lot and right up to a man on the lawn. That's when I started recording."

Goodell, who lives in Glenburn, says everyone was pretty stunned at the sight.

"I thought it was amazing at first. It's definitely not an every day thing to have a whitetail deer come right up to you. Exciting, scary...And cool all at the same time. Then when it ate the cigarette butt in front of the store you hear my voice change and I became sad/scared for it. It was obviously just looking for food but expecting a person to give it to him/her."

While the deer wasn't granted access to the store, after all, you need to have a mask, it did make the rounds in the parking lot, and made sure to greet everyone....cautiously.

"He/she just loved everyone. I've since been told that this may be a deer that's been around town for awhile now. Maybe the same one that went into someone's house in Levant. Has followed a woman down the rd while she was walking. I have gotten so many messages or comments that it could be this deer that has done a bunch of different. I did hear that it's mama was hit by a car and ppl in town were feeding it but I have so many different ppl saying different things I don't even know what is true or not. All I know for sure is it happened and it was kinda cool."

Thanks to Karen for sharing this amazing video. Check it all out below!


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