I can only imagine how exciting it must be for someone who is finally getting a place of their own after moving out of a shelter. It might be a homeless shelter, residential rehab program or someone starting a new life after leaving an abusive situation.

No matter what the circumstance these folks should be applauded for their courage and desire to make their lives better. But as Chris Olsen with Welcome to Housing explains some times these folks could use a helping hand when it comes to outfitting their new home with basic household necessities.

Olsen says he heard of one instance in fact where a man had to choose between food and toilet paper and that's what prompted him to get involved.

Welcome to Housing was started as a two-year grant program to assist people leaving the Greater Bangor Area Homeless Shelter. Since then volunteers have continued to support the effort, even expanding it to other shelters.

You can help out as the group will be at the Marden's in Brewer on February 15th from 10-6 collecting donations of items that help furnish and equip a home.