For many of us the lousy economy has made us better shoppers. And I bet that it has even forced the most introverted person to come out of their 'shy' shell and haggle over prices with a salesperson or two.

Honestly, saving pennies and dollars here and there is something we should have been doing all along anyway, right? We should have taken a lesson or two from our parents and grandparents generation. Not only did they knew how to save a buck, but they knew how to go without when a buck couldn't be saved.

But did you know that each month of the year affords all of us an opportunity to save money on things that we had budgeted for anyway? For example, let's talk about October deals before it's gone by along with the savings.

During October you can save on jeans, camping gear, airfares, hotels, produce, 2012 automobiles, and more.There are good reasons why significant savings are there.

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