Last week, everyone's favorite amateur meteorologist, Frankie McDonald finally came back to us after a brief hiatus because of some hard-earned good weather. But when we all heard bad weather was coming back around, Frankie was there to ensure us that it was indeed, true.

So sure enough, yesterday when I heard that we were in for a bout of bad weather, I checked the internet to see if it was true. Let's face it, it's not a real storm unless Frankie says so. So order up the Chinese food, get out the mittens and scarves, gas up the snow blower and watch Frankie tell you how it's gonna be.

Unfortunately it's true. Snow is on the way again. Temps will be around freezing, with Bangor expected to pick up another 10"-16" of new snow. It just ain't fair. But it's March, so it won't last too long, thank god.

I hope Frankie never gives up his days as an amateur meteorologist. It brings me and a lot of other folks great joy to have him dish up the details. I wish I had one-tenth of his passion and drive to get the news out to people. While you and I sit at home and dream about what we wanna do with our lives, Frankie is out there doing it.

Thanks as always, buddy.


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