He hopes the notoriety from winning the lottery will help him get a job.

James Lovell is an un-employed truck driver who really doesn't need to work any more after purchasing a two-million dollar winner in the Powerball lottery this weekend.  He bought the ticket at the Canaan Superette where's he a regular customer.

In a press release,Tom Ward, owner of  Canaan Superette said, “All of us here were talking about who the winner might be.  We were excited to find out it was one of our regular players. James is a nice guy and it’s great that the win was for someone in our own community.”

Lovell stopped in at the Superette early this week and asked Tracy at the counter to check his tickets for the Saturday night Powerball draw. She mentioned Lottery officials notified the store that they had sold a $2,000,000 Powerball ticket for Saturday night’s draw. They both laughed.

She ran his ticket, her eyes got big, and she ran it again and said to him, “You know what I am holding?  I’m holding a $2,000,000 winner!” Tracy said to him that she’d always wanted to tell someone they were a millionaire but now she was able to tell him that he just became a multimillionaire! They talked for a bit then he left to go pick up his wife, putting the ticket over the truck’s visor.

When Lovell arrived at the school, his wife got in the truck.  He asked her, “Wouldn’t you like to kiss a millionaire?” She replied, “Oh go on, it’s not April first, stop kidding around.”  He showed her the ticket and told her to look at the numbers. He then said, “These numbers won me $2,000,000!”  She kissed him, but then said, “We can’t kiss in the school yard.”

Lovell has set up trusts for his grandaughters with the winnings, but not before he wrote a check for a brand new pickup truck and plow. He says he still wants to work and his wife will keep working as a social worker at the school where she's employed.


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