Even as I write this I get a little choked up. My niece, Michelle Philbrook Bushey, graduated from Northern Maine Community College this past Saturday along with 234 other students at the Northern Maine Forum. What a joy it was for Shirley and me to be able to share in her accomplishment. But what touched my heart the most was her decision to honor her dad, John Philbrook, by adorning her cap with the words: "4-U Dad."

Even as Shirley and I shared a meal together at Dysart's yesterday, reminiscing about the weekend, I still got a bit choked up. How we loved John, and still miss him today after all these years.

Thank you Michelle for just being you, and thank you for such a wonderful tribute to man that I know is hugging you from heaven.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one of the most talented nurses to ever grace the planet...Michelle Philbrook Bushey.


Photo by, Nelson Jewell
L to R, Melanie (sister), Mary (mom), Michelle