As usual, Mother Nature seems a bit off this year. We barely had a white Christmas this year, except for a few last minute flakes right before the holiday. But as we're looking ahead to next week's New Year's festivities, we may have a little bit of snow to make things more interesting.

According to the National Weather Service, here in the Bangor area, we could see 1" - 3", and additional inch or so as the night goes on. Lord knows, it's a challenge to get around on NYE as it is. Between the potential for for drunk drivers, and it just being a busy night on the roads in general,  a bit of snow will just make it fun...not.

Granted, there are a couple things on our side. A) It's still a week away, so the forecast could change for the better...or worse. B) It's only a few inches of snow and not a Nor'Easter...yet. Mother Nature has a funny way of surprising us at the last second, and it's hardly ever good news.

Temps are at least going to be fairly mild with a high of 32 on NYE, and a low of only 23. that's doable. And New Year's Day isn't looking too bad with a high of 35. But again.... it's still a week away, so everything could go straight to hell in a hand basket. But I'll keep my fingers crossed....

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