The new NBC drama series "Odyssey" set to premier on April 5th will include a face from Maine.

Portland resident Matthew Delamater will be acting in the new show as Russell, a committed activist who is seeking the truth. When he heard a casting call for a man with long hair and a beard he felt he fit the part well. 34 year old Matthew says this is his first time big show and until this point has only done acting on the side. "Odyssey" created by "Grey's Anatomy" will be the launching pad of his career.

Matthew recently appeared at the Space Gallery in Portland with theater collective Lorem Ipsum and hosts the web series "LocalBrew.TV". He is hoping this is the show to get his foot in the door so he doesn't have to continue to work a day job as a banker.

"Odyssey" is an action drama following a female soldier, a corporate lawyer and a political activist as their lives unexpectedly collide after an international conspiracy explodes.

Watch the trailer for "Odyssey below