Maine has rolled out a potential new license plate for our cars. No not another lobster plate or anything. Remember the original lobster plates in the early 90's that looked like a splattered bug on the plate? This will be absolutely nothing like that, but it will feature another one of Maine's most iconic images....a lighthouse!!

But it does come with a bit of work on our part. According to a post on, the Maine Lighthouse Trust has gotten approval from the state to go forward, but must get 2,000 folks to pre-purchase the plate before they can get final approval from the State. They're not any more expensive than any other plate at $25 a piece.

Besides, money raised from the sale of the plates will go right to the Maine Lighthouse Trust to help protect lighthouses all over Maine. So not only do get a sweet new license plate, you protect one of the state's greatest treasures. Seems like a win/win to me, for sure.

If you want one of these awesome plates for yourself, you can purchase them right here. Hopefully they'll hit their mark and this plate will become a reality. then we can all be the new cool kids on the block with new license plates that no one else has yet. After all, it's fun to be the first!



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