All six New England state's highway safety officials and State Police are launching the region's first-ever coordinated "crackdown" on speeders starting today.

David Lentz, ThinkStock
David Lentz, ThinkStock

The main focus of the campaign will be speeding and the use of safety belts and child restraints. Law enforcement will do during this campaign, is collaborate and share their traffic data with one another. The data will include crashes, arrests, traffic citations and written warnings and by using this information they will be able to determine the dates, times and location of the enforcement.

The National Highway traffic safety administration and law enforcement will be focusing on speeding as it is one of the most significant contributing factors to crash severity and traffic fatalities.

The first phase of the campaign will be conducted by the six State Police agencies and take place on interstates across New England. The second phase will include all New England Law Enforcement agencies willing to participate and involve state highways and secondary roads.

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