This is National Beer Day and how you celebrate is your business, not ours. And this is a truly UN-scientific poll. Anonymous too, so you can give an accurate answer (unless someone is looking over your shoulder).

First question I have before clicking my answer is does the number above also include beers consumed during Rowdy Yates, Original Country Gold on Saturday Nights, or are those like 'What happens on Saturday Night, stays on Saturday Night'.

Does your average number change week to week, due to the season. Gotta think it's easier to let the number get higher when it's Sunny and 75. Do you drink more if you're at home or if you are out somewhere. More questions: Do you drink more or less as the weekend gets closer. Or maybe you only drink on the weekends.

And if you are drinking a premium beer do you drink less or about the same as when you're chugging down Bud or Miller Lite.

National Beer Day probably should always fall on a weekend, not a Wednesday. Enjoy.


And come back for our next Q106.5 Morning Show Poll asking what your favorite Q106.5 songs we play that refer to beer. That couldn't be a choice of 5 answers though.

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