In the last couple years, I've seen many an odd vehicle come across my screen at work. Everything from modified lawn mower/snowmobiles, to people plowing their deck with remote control trucks. But here's one that could be a hit at any outdoor gathering.

I present  for your approval, the Zero Turn Party Blender.

To watch this majestic machine in action, really is a thing to behold. From what I can gather from the brief explanation by the gentleman in the video, he's removed the blades, and fastened a rod to the mowing mechanism. Likely then, the motor was removed from the blender, and then attached to said rod, and BOOM! the Zero Turn Party Blender was born!

The description from The Maineyak on YouTube sums it up perfectly:

Ergonomic office chair, drink blender, zero turn mobility, a tiki umbrella, and a front mounted cooler. What more does a party need? My Boys Auto Repair in Deer Isle, Maine has just the rig for you!

If I had to find just one thing wrong with this, other than the possible violation of drinking and driving laws, is that I discovered this beauty this late in the season. Where was this on the 4th of July?! I'm sure it was cruising around at some rad party, entertaining everyone.

And that's the only thing wrong with it ... I didn't get to enjoy it too.

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