After vowing to never watch American Idol ever again, after taking someone who couldn't sing to save his life, William Hung, and making him a superstar (a complete slap in the face to those of us who actually can sing) last night's season premiere was no different!

The show was turned on as I was trying to get some sleep, and thank goodness for Keith Urban, the only one of the judges who really seem to care about what is going on stage with the contestants, other than about themselves! The show seems to be catering to the egos of both Minaj and Carey, who seem to be there only 1.) for Carey, to revive a once amazing career, and 2.) Minaj, I don't know yet, maybe to see if she can get a date?? But whatever the reason for the pairing of these two with Urban, only the people at Idol will ever really know! I do know for a fact, that my vow to watch American Idol will continue through this years complete and epic failure with Minaj & Carey only bringing the show to new lows! What do you think?