A second major snowstorm is pummeling the mid-west, as snow totals could easily reach two feet in some areas. One death due to the storm has already been reported, and power outages are significant. Kansas is now crying 'uncle!'

Although snowstorms of that magnitude are a pain for us here in Maine, we are certainly better equipped to deal with such things. But as the storm heads this way, initial reports are stating a waning power which might spare us in the next few days.

Here's the AP story:

Here's the WABI-TV 5-Day Forecast and Details:

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Here's the WABI-TV Forecast from Todd Simcox:
The best chance for any precipitation during the daylight hours on Wednesday will be from Bangor points south and west. Areas north and east of Bangor probably won’t see much, if anything, until nighttime. As the atmosphere cools off Wednesday night, we’ll likely see any mix and/or rain change over to snow in most locales especially away from the immediate coast. We’ll continue to see periods of snow, mix and rain during the day Thursday as low pressure passes over southern New England. Snow will fall over areas north of Bangor while areas from Bangor south see snow, mix and rain. Low pressure will continue to move off to our east on Friday. Moisture wrapping around the storm will keep us under the clouds and the chance for some snow showers or mixed rain/snow showers during the day Friday. Early estimates look like a widespread 4”-8” snowfall for most places from Wednesday night through Thursday night. Heavier amounts of 6”-12” look possible from Augusta points south and west. And lighter amounts along the coast from the Midcoast through Downeast where it looks like 2”-5” will be possible. This is an early look at snowfall accumulations. Amounts are all dependent on whether or not we see mixed precipitation or even a change to all rain. Temperatures are going to be borderline as this storm moves through so precipitation types will be key to determining snowfall accumulations.