Wedding planning is stressful for any couple, but thanks to their hectic touring schedules, country stars Carly Pearce and Michael Ray have extra logistical challenges when it comes to making sure everything's right for their big day.

"[We had to schedule everything] pretty far in advance," Ray tells The Boot and other outlets. "But also, we spend a lot of our breakfasts, or our coffee in the morning, looking at this master [calendar] that our lives revolve around. It's like, 'Okay, where are you here? Oh, you're actually off here. Well, I'll just fly to you.'"

It's difficult for the two singers to make their schedules line up, but fortunately, they have help. "Our managers work very well together. It takes a team, for sure," Ray admits. He and Pearce both grew up dreaming of careers in music, so when the logistical strains start wearing on them, they take turns reminding each other of how good they've got it.

"We've got photos of us both playing shows when we were kids, at the house. It's like, 'If that dude or that girl would know what's coming in the future, they would lose their mind,'" he relates. "So I think that as hard as it is -- and it is hard, and you miss each other -- but you always have this champion in your corner that understands what you're going through."

Despite their complicated schedules, Ray says, he and Pearce have managed to finish planning their Fall 2019 wedding: "Oh, it's been awesome, man. She and her mom have planned everything," he explains. "They didn't hire a wedding planner. Somehow it's all done."

Though Pearce's mother was critical to finishing the project, Ray did his share of the legwork, too -- especially when it came to one important aspect of the event.

"Best part was the catering!" he says. "You just get to eat your face off."

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