Many guys that I know cringe when it comes to thinking about wearing a suit. For me, however, I like a nice suit. Maybe it's because I've been down the road of suit buying and wearing due to my varied management careers. But suit buying wasn't always a pleasant experience. I've made a number of mistakes in style, comfort, and fit, mostly because I didn't know what I was doing, and the salesperson selling me the product didn't have a clue either. But when I figured out that you really need to shop for a suit at a 'suit store' with knowledgeable pros on hand that have access to a tailor, things started looking and feeling good. I was proud of the way I looked in a tailored two-piece...the compliments followed.

Let's face it guys, you may not have to wear a suit everyday, but sooner or later you'll need to wear one for a wedding, funeral, or some other special occasion. Sure, it's easy to buy the cheapest thing you come across, but you'll end up looking like some geeky schmo (been there, done that). Here's a suggestion: let an honest woman help you. Most times they are a pretty good judge of what looks good on you. But you might want to reconsider if she says that sneakers or white socks with black shoes are okay with the suit.

Here's a site that I stumbled across today that might help you out. Before you know it you'll be getting the wolf whistles when you walk into a room.