It’s an all new vocabulary with what’s going on in the world with Coronavirus.

Some of the words we’re hearing we know, or at least have a basic grasp of their meaning. Some not so much.  If there was a quiz we’d all probably pass if asked the meaning of outbreak and pandemic and social distancing and quarantine and so on.

There is also some terminology that might be new to us, or the meaning might be unknown.  When we were new to Covid-19, a google search led me to an article by a Professor, sub-titled Yale Medicine experts provide a glossary of key terms you need to know.  Here is that article.

If you’re hearing a word and you don’t know the meaning, now you will.

For example, I had to look up asymptomatic.  Here’s what Yale Medicine had to say “When a patient is a carrier of an illness but does not show symptoms. People are thought to be most contagious for COVID-19 when they are most symptomatic, according to the CDC, although researchers are still investigating how its spread might be possible at other times, including during the incubation period (called “pre-symptomatic transmission”) and even after symptoms have resolved.”

Did you skip ahead without reading the last paragraph?  I know I wouldn’t last an hour in Medical School.

One more:  Super-spreader. Easy right, it’s new farm machinery.  It might be, but for some, and again according to Yale Medicine it’s ‘one person, who, for unknown reasons, can infect an unusually large number of people” …and it goes on, but enough for now.

Point is, stay safe and if you need to know what you’re hearing on the CDC wrap-ups or wherever you’re getting your info, this is a good source. 


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