Rockland Police say a man who allegedly made threats against the school had eight guns in his home.

Someone from out of state, who is an acquaintance of the man, contacted authorities after he allegedly threatened to shoot up a school. Rockland Police alerted the Knox County Sheriff's Office to make sure they had enough deputies to secure the schools, which were put on lockout Tuesday. While Rockland schools were the subject of the threat, the superintendent of RSU 13 decided to impose the lockout on all schools in the district, as an added precaution.

The Sun Journal reports police went to the home of  62-year-old Brandon Luzzi, where he told authorities that the voices in his head were telling him to shoot up the school. Luzzi's home is across the street from Rockland Elementary School. He was taken into protective custody and then transported to Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport for a mental health evaluation. Police say, if he is deemed mentally competent and released from the psychiatric unit, he will immediately be charged with a crime.

A search of the man's home resulted in police seizing eight guns, including two shotguns, five high-caliber hunting rifles, and a sixth rifle. Police say they are familiar with Luzzi, but didn't elaborate on their previous interactions.



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