Police were called to a bizarre incident in Cushing Sunday, after a resident told them a man was walking around a house with an ax.

The Portland Press Herald reports deputies responded to the house on Cushing Road just before 1:00 Sunday morning. A resident had called police to report that an unknown man was walking around a house, looking in the windows, and carrying an ax.

The man got into a car and tried to leave before deputies arrived, but the car got stuck while backing out of the driveway. Deputies and a Thomaston Police Officer arrived and found two men in the vehicle. When a deputy approached the car, the passenger allegedly reached for a knife that was on the floor, but stopped when the deputy drew his weapon and ordered him out of the vehicle.

Richard Butler of Rockland, who was the passenger in the car, is charged with terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of illegal drugs, and furnishing illegal drugs.

Joshua Weaver, who was driving the car, is charged with illegal possession of hypodermic apparatus and possession of an illegal drug.

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